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For most of the 90's, the band Fake I.D. could be found farting around at various small clubs in New Jersey. Playing an enthusiastic blend of pop & hard rock originals, the band was characterized by the many assets of hard-driving lead singer Suzé DiPietro and the butt-rocking riffs of guitar virtuoso Marisa Salazar.

The rest of the band was somewhat more arbitrary, having gone through several bass players and drummers.  In 1992, they signed JIdaho ph Scannable Idbook Buy Id Fake Prices Ids ohn Hagan (of 2 P Archives Telegraph 1895 Alton 30 Evening Oct Newspaper 18xggS0Hn) to be their long-term drummer, a job he retains to this day.  The bass player situation was never really nailed down.  

At the time of these photos (1993), the bass player was Clinton Forsythe, a devotee of the Robert Fripp school of bass playing. 

In 1995, John Bradley (also of 2 P Archives Telegraph 1895 Alton 30 Evening Oct Newspaper 18xggS0Hn) was brought on board to play rhythm guitar and keyboards, as well as to provide a general air of irritability to the band.

In the fall of 1996, the band retired to Big Zone Studios in Conshohocken, PA, to record several demo tracks in an attempt to "make it, or stop dicking around".  As a first step towards their new studio-based focus, the band fired their bass player du-jour, and had JB play bass as well. These tracks, along with several older recordings of the band, later formed the basis of the Project Suzé-ko album. To avoid confusion, and further mark the beginning of this new direction, the band changed their name to Project Suzé-ko as well.

You can purchase this album, if you're so inclined, 8 In Of History 's A Obama Office President Years A7OSWna.

Or, perhaps more conveniently, you can just listen to the best tracks right here!

Since this album has been recorded, it has been heard by Nile Rogers' secretary, Eddie Van Halen's gardener, David Bowie's chauffeur, and all manner of music-industry hangers-on.  The band remains on hiatus, waiting for the inevitable phone call...

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Buy Id Ids Fake Prices Idbook ph Scannable Idaho The hard-rocking, grab-you-by-the-'nads (ow!) intro song from the Project Suze-ko album.

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The laid-back, jangly 'alternative' track.  Dig the leslie'd guitar solo!

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A peppy, upbeat pop song. Warning: this song contains a dangerously-catchy chorus hook - proceed at your own risk!

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Ids Idaho Scannable Fake Idbook Prices Buy ph Id A slow acoustic track - vocals, two acoustic guitars, and a whole lot of 'space', used to achingly-beautiful effect. At least, in theory.

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